Acoustic Kits
Realivox - Vocal Sample Instrument
Five Individual Singers - Toni, Teresa, Patty, Julie and Cheryl. Pop to film score to operatic!
Each sings 30 articulations
True sampled legato
Play Singers Solo, or Combine for Choir!
Runs on Kontakt 5 Player (Included)
Special introductory price - $295!
(Normally $395)
Acoustic kits . . . for Stylus RMX!
That's right!   Individual acoustic drums for Stylus RMX!
4 banks of kicks
20 banks of snares
Loads of hihats - including open hihats!
Finally!   Real toms!
Tons of rides and crashes
Even brushes, cowbells and tambourines
Now with General MIDI kits!
Only $39!
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Guitars . . . for Stylus RMX!
Why would anyone multisample a Les Paul, a Strat, a Charvel and an acoustic guitar for Stylus RMX???
Play it and you'll see why!
Take advantage of Stylus RMX's built in amps and effects
Fast load times
Only $39!
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